If You’re Watching Netflix Late At Night, It’s Probably A Documentary

When I’m trying to fall asleep at a reasonable hour but my anxiety keeps me awake, I always turn to Gilmore Girls. It has a level of comfort no other show does; Sookie’s macaroni and smooth mugs of coffee and idyllic fall scenery lulls me into a sense of security and calm that is otherwise unattainable.

I’m not alone; as a trend, Netflix users like to watch comedies at bed time, and with its fast-paced banter and minimal possibility of anything going seriously wrong, Gilmore Girls fits in that category.

Netflix has just released a study that tracks all of our viewing habits. It uses data from 22 countries over a six-month period to analyze what we watch, when, and the results are fascinating.

With our morning coffee, we like to watch comedies. In the afternoon, we prefer dramas. Thrillers are most common around dinner time, and then we circle back to comedies around bed-time, ending the night with documentaries (likely so we can fall asleep.)

“For years our lives had to fit around television; now it’s the other way around,” Cindy Holland, VP of original content at Netflix, said in a press release. “We’ve given consumers control and it’s interesting to see the behaviors that emerge when viewers aren’t tied to a schedule. And even more so to see that these routines are replicated by millions the world over.”

It’s difficult to remember what our world was like before streaming services, before we were able to access these titles at any time, day or night. I grew up without cable and I used to watch Fear Factor after school, then Reba, though I hated both.

Neither brought me the comfort of Gilmore Girls.

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