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Celebrities Were Absolutely Obsessed With The Museum Of Ice Cream


A pool full of sprinkles. Gigantic melting popsicles. Sequins everywhere. No, this isn’t a dream! These were just some of the attractions at the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles, Calfornia’s downtown Arts District.

The pop-up museum was only in the city for a short time and was constantly the spot for A-list celebrity sightings.

After a great and successful summer in New York City last year, the interactive Museum of Ice Cream packed up and move across the country to L.A. The museum featured several different rooms of full of your favorite life-sized ice cream dreams and tons of cool places to play around.

The doors opened on the West Coast on April 22, and since then, tons of L.A. natives, including the super rich and famous ones, posed with the cones and munched on some sweet treats.

The Museum of Ice Cream closed its doors on May 29, so sadly, there isn’t another chance for more celebs to have frozen fun. Unfortunately, tickets were also sold out from the beginning of April, so chances of getting in were slim. Your only hope now is to look into your fave celeb and hope they got to experience this frozen palace of fun and then live vicariously through them.

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