6 Ways To Destress & Unwind After A Long Day At Work

We get it, being an adult is hard work. Jobs, taxes, social obligations you never signed up for, it takes a lot to be a functioning member of society. College did not prepare us for this, and if you’re still in college; it’s a trap!

While we can’t turn back the clock, we can spare ourselves some time every now and then to decompress and enjoy ourselves. After all, we owe it to ourselves to enjoy life after clocking out for the day. Here are six ways to enjoy your me time after work.

1. Pamper yourself at home.

Nothing beats a little alone time after you’ve been dealing with people day in and day out. Luckily for you, it’s so easy to turn your own home into a spa. Just grab your favorite bath bomb, some candles, a face mask and your best soothing tunes and you’re in business.

2. Go see some live music with your friends.

Music is good for your soul, everybody knows that. Which is why heading out to catch some live music with your friends is such a great way to beat off any workday blues. It doesn’t even have to be anyone famous at a huge venue, there are plenty of great local venues that host super talented artists. Go check out what’s in your area!

3. Go to your favorite bookstore.

Sometimes you get out after a long day at work and just don’t want to think at all. Other times you’re ready to put thoughts of work behind you and put your brainpower towards something you really enjoy. On days like these, it’s best to chill at your favorite local bookstore (coffee optional) and go on a mental vacation.

4. Take a walk.

For a lot of people working and sitting go hand-in-hand. This isn’t always great for your body or your mind, for that matter. Walking is a great way to release stress and explore the world at the same time. Like the outdoors? It’s been scientifically proven that going on nature walks has lasting, calming effects on the body and can even fight depression and lower blood pressure. Taking walks around small towns and cities is also a lot of fun. There’s something new to discover around every corner.

5. Go on a date.

All work and no play can really take a hit on one’s self-esteem. When you’re feeling less than fabulous, a little attention from the right person can make all the difference. In a relationship? Grab your special someone and go do something fun together. You could catch a movie or go out to dinner. Single? Why not give that cutie who’s been on your mind a call and ask them out for coffee?

6. Go shopping.

Are you really surprised this made the list? Of course not. After all, shopping is basically a form of therapy itself. You work hard, why not treat yourself with a little something? After all, when you look great, you feel awesome! You deserve to treat yourself every now and then, but try not to go overboard.

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