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Bring Home The Spa With These 7 Stress-Relieving Beauty Products


Life has been a lot, lately. Donald Trump is still the president, summer weather hasn’t officially come through in full force, payday is still weeks away and Starbucks is burning us out with all of their new, ridiculous Frappucino creations. If you’re anything like us (aka stressed as hell), it’s time to treat yourself, again. I mean, you just survived finals week and your body is probably still recovering from staying up all night, running only on caffeine, ramen and celebratory sips of emergency wine.

Ramona wine gif

Luckily, the beauty industry always delivers when it comes to creating new products and trends. From magnet facial masks to feather eyebrows, there is never a shortage of the innovative and the bizarre. In preparation for summer and all the trips and events on the calendar, it’s time to invest in our beauty routines. While summer beauty routines won’t be as high-maintenance as our winter routines, we have to prepare for sun exposure and humidity, and one of the best ways is to de-stress so that you can celebrate the new season and its many products.

Here’s what to use if you need time to yourself and need some beauty products to amp up your relaxation routine. These are the most relaxing and innovative beauty products of the season.

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