7 Summer Beauty Essentials You Need ASAP

With a new season comes new trends. As spring wraps up and summer arrives, it’s a time for being bronzed, glowy and natural. Whether you’re heading to the beach with friends or out for the night to sip some drinks on a date, this summer is about keeping things clean, dewy and sun-kissed.

How do you do that when you don’t want to go tanning (hello, health risks!) and you’re still a little bit pale? There are tonsĀ of makeup tricks to follow for achieving a summery look, and most of them can be done with little effort. For summer, creams are the name of the game because they’re lighter, more natural and will keep things looking flawless.

These seven must-haves will help makeup fans achieve the season’s trendiest looks with color, glow and bronze, each of them simplifying the more complicated beauty processes of seasons past. Instead of asking yourself about contouring or dry skin, this summer you’ll only need to worry about applying SPF and how many margaritas is too many.

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Why Are Used Crocs Selling Out Online?
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