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10 International Hidden Gems That Will Have You Wanting To Travel The World


Traveling to a familiar place is fun, but traveling to an unfamiliar place is much more adventurous. Check out these hidden gems that you can go to if you’re not too keen on the more touristy places. From lost churches to a tower tucked away in a garden, these destinations will make you wonder why Paris and New York City are so popular. Maybe it’s the food. Yeah, it’s probably the food.

Get your travel gear ready and head out into the unknown. Good luck, wanderers.

1. Davelis Cave on Pendali Mountain, Penteli, Greece

Excursion to #davelis #cave at #Penteli #mountain in Athens, Greece. Shot with Sony SLT a-58, 18mm, f/4, 1/160 sec, ISO-125. Davelis Cave was brought to light ca. the 5th century BC. The surrounding area was used as a marble quarry by the builders of the Acropolis, and the cave was discovered by chance, during works for the extraction of marble. The cave's name comes from the wide belief that an infamous 19th century brigand called Davelis (real name Christos Natsios) used the cave as a hideout. This fact, though, is not verifiable historically. The myth says that Davelis hid his treasure inside the cave. The official name of the cave is simply "Cave of Pendeli". ——————————————————————– #church #athens #excursion #daveliscave

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Fun Fact: There is a double Byzantine church built into the cave, but the cave is riddled with superstitions, including sightings of cat-like creatures.

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2. Cat Island, Ishinomaki, Japan

Fun Fact: The island is inhabited by more cats than humans and they’re treated like royalty.

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3. Palacio Barolo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

#PalacioBarolo #BuenosAires #CABA #architecture #lovearchitecture #architecturelovers #MarioPalanti

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Fun Fact: The tower is modeled after the Divine Comedy. It’s adorned with demonic statues, Latin passages and levels that represent hell, purgatory and heaven.

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4. Glass Beach, California, United States

Fun Fact: The beach was once overrun by all sorts of trash discarded from the residents, but eventually nature wore down the trash and transformed it all into colorful gems that replaced the sand.

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5. The Ruins of St. Dunstan-in-the-East, London, England

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Fun Fact: This church is actually what remains of a blitz attack from 1941. Instead of rebuilding it, it has been turned into a public garden.

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6. The Dome of Light, Xingxing District, Taiwan

Fun Fact: Stretching 98 feet, the dome is the world’s largest glass work art and it’s tucked away in a subway station.

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7. Casina delle Civette, Rome, Italy

Casina delle civette – Parco di Villa Torlonia

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Fun fact: “Casina delle Civette” means “House of the Owls.” The house is made famous for its stained glass windows that include owls and other birds.

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8. Bok Tower Gardens, Florida, United States

Bok Tower Morning #florida #floridalife #boktowergardens #boktower #nature #picoftheday #lakewales #botanicalgardens #gardens

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Fun Fact: The tower stands 205 feet on top of Iron Mountain, one of Florida’s highest points. Inside the tower is a 60-bell carillon that rings everyday.

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9. Trakoscan Castle, Krapina, Croatia

Fun Fact: The castle was turned to a museum in 1957, housing a variety of information and artifacts from Croatia’s history.

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10. Rosary Chapel, Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico

Fun Fact: The chapel is known as the eighth wonder of the world for its golden decorations, all of which have been preserved for over 300 years.

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