The 10 Best Places To Study Abroad If You’re Looking For An Adventure

A semester abroad has the power to change many people’s lives. The chance to explore the world and experience new cultures is a once in a lifetime opportunity that all college students should try to take advantage of. While you’ll be learning (of course!), traveling to a different country also gives you other opportunities to do and see so many things you couldn’t by staying in America.

Nowadays, almost every school in the country offers a wide range of comprehensive and exciting locations around the world in which to study abroad. Thankfully, many of these locations also offer amazing attractions that are perfect for thrill seekers and adventurous travelers. Check out our list of the most thrilling places to study abroad and take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

1. Semester At Sea

You read that right. More and more colleges across America are now offering ‘sea-mesters’ abroad. Adventurous students get the chance of a lifetime to spend months living and learning on the high seas. Your semester will consist of living on a ship and traveling around the world, becoming part of a comprehensive and well-rounded learning environment, surrounded by other thrill-seekers like yourself. Talk about a semester you’ll never forget.

2. Abu Dhabi, UAE

In recent years, Abu Dhabi has become the leader in innovation and technology in the Middle East. This ever-growing international hub has everything to offer an eager and adventurous student. Not only is the UAE a growing market for business people around the world, but both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are made up of stunning beaches, unique shopping centers and delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. Spend your days off riding camels or soaking up the sun by the ocean. No matter what you’re looking for, Abu Dhabi is the perfect location to study abroad.

3. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has long been one of the international capitals for fashion, food, entertainment and business. The city is particularly unique in that it has managed to preserve its rich and vibrant history while still incorporating some of the world’s most advanced technology. Lunch breaks will consist of fresh sushi and ramen, while your weekends can be spent exploring the breathtaking historical sites and adding some unique new pieces to your closet.

4. Santiago, Chile

Situated near the beautiful snow-capped Andes Mountains, Santiago is far from typical. The city is alive with festivals, dancing, heated soccer matches and a variety of hiking locations. This often underrated city is home to some of the best cultural events and restaurants that the country has to offer. Santiago is also a haven for foodies, with fresh fish and fruit markets lining the streets.

5. Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is a bucket list location for most thrill-seekers, and for good reason. This historic Moroccan city is home to dozens of bazaars, gorgeous palaces, and scenic mountain views. Visitors can also arrange to take a camel-back tour of the Sahara. The city is also close enough to Western Europe that you could spend your weekends in Spain, Portugal, the UK, or Paris.

6. Shanghai, China

The list of attractions that Shanghai has to offer is endless. This bustling metropolis is home to attractions like the yearly Lantern Festival, dozens of art galleries, comedy clubs and an exciting nightlife scene. Adventurous eaters will be thrilled with China’s hundreds of food markets, selling everything from frog hearts to fried insects.

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Believe it or not, certain colleges and universities offer programs in Brazil’s capital. Give all of your friends and Insta followers instant FOMO when you join in on the celebrations of Rio’s five-day Carnival and soak in the rays of warm Brazilian sun. The country is also home to some of the best food in South America (make sure to try the brigadeiro)!

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a dream come true for art lovers. This quaint and historic city is home to some of the country’s most spectacular art galleries and performance art centers, not to mention the Argentinian capital boasts some stunning architecture. Sports fans will also find plenty to do in this soccer-centric city. Buenos Aires has done a flawless job of preserving their rich culture and history and bringing it into the modern age.

9. Amman, Jordan

The city of Amman is rich with history and ancient architecture that’s so beautiful you might even put your phone down. Journey to Petra and Jerash, the sites of some of the world’s most incredible and well-preserved ruins or take a weekend trip to the Dead Sea. Amman is even home to an ancient Roman theater and the Royal automobile museum. If learning about the Middle East’s rich history appeals to you, Amman will be the perfect place for you to study abroad.

10. Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is one of Australia’s most unique and travel-worthy locations. The incredible Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders, is located off the coast, so make sure to plan a scuba diving session before the semester is over. Brisbane also offers activities like cliff diving and bungee jumping, in addition to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Have fun and safe travels!

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