Tess Holliday Leads Critics in Slamming New ‘Snow White’ Movie Poster for Body Shaming

tess holliday

Tess Holliday is calling out body shamers…again. But this time, it’s real bad.

The plus-size model shared a photo of a movie poster for a new re-imagining of the popular fairy tale Snow White called Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs on her Twitter. The image shows a tall, skinny version of the princess standing next to a shorter and curvier version.

The text reads, “What if Snow White was no longer beautiful and the 7 dwarfs not so short?”

Tess, and a slew of other people, had a big problem with this implication.

“How did this get approved by an entire marketing team? Why is it okay to tell young kids being fat = ugly?” Tess wrote, tagging Chloe Grace Moretz, who voices the reimagined Snow White in the movie.


The new animated movie follows seven princes on a quest to find a pair of magical red shoes that will lift a curse that transformed them into dwarfs. The shoes actually belong to Snow White, who wears them because they transform her from a heavier woman into a thin one.

Check out some of the other reactions on social media below.


Red Shoes and the Seven Dwards is slated to come out in 2018…but with this backlash, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was shut down completely.

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