This Teen Was Accepted To Yale After Penning An Essay On Ordering Pizza

When Carolina Williams read Yale’s essay prompt to write about “one thing she liked to do,” she did not write about a transformative experience volunteering abroad, spending time with a grandparent, creating a business from nothing, or how being varsity lacrosse captain gave her leadership skills that could surely transfer into the political sphere. (Am I off on these sample essay subjects, Yale?)

No, Williams chose a refreshingly simple and honest essay topic: her deep and unwavering love for Papa John’s pizza. Her essay gained her acceptance into the prestigious university, the Daily Mail reports.

It’s a funny — and relatable — essay. The Tennessee teenager wrote about how pizza evokes “feelings of independence, consolation, and joy,” (not unlike Lorelai Gilmore’s experience with her first pop tart, no?)

“It smells like celebration,” she wrote of the magical pizza, “It tastes like comfort.”

The Yale admissions officers couldn’t disagree.

“As a fellow lover of pizza, I laughed out loud (then ordered pizza) after reading your application,” her acceptance letter read.

She turned down Yale in the end — Auburn University offered better scholarships — but she has inspired thousands in the process of sharing her true love, as her story has been picked up by multiple media outlets.

Papa John’s should share in her victory by sending her a free pizza or two.

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