Say Goodbye To Romphims & Say Hello To Lace Shorts For Men

The male fashion industry is skyrocketing with trends that might seem slightly odd to some people, including the controversial male rompers (aka the romphim). At first, it seemed like a cool idea for men to be stylish as well. But then there were different patterns and styles and almost everyone viewing them on social media shielded their eyes from the ridiculous outfits and corny looks.

Don’t cringe just yet, because this fashion trend might just put the icing on the cake: lace shorts for dudes.

At first glance, they’re actually pretty cute (thinking of buying myself a pair, TBH). But the more I study it, the more horrible they look. And Twitter users can agree with me here.

In fact, lace shorts have been featured in Versace and Gucci runway fashion shows in 2013 and 2015. But these types of lace shorts, created by HOLOGRAMCITY, are not quite like those high-end ones. I’ll hand it to them though, the colors are vibrantly stunning.

But seriously if you’re into them, grab yourself a pair and just werk it. Throw away your romper and seize the day!

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