New Tequila-Infused Gummies Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Most of us love a bit of sugar in our alcoholic drinks, but what about a bit of alcohol in our sugary treats? California’s Sugarfina is almost everyone’s favorite alcohol-inspired sweets boutique. And now, they’ve released one of their best creations yet: tequila-infused gummy bears. They collaborated with Casamigos, George Clooney’s very own tequila brand to create the wonderful blanco, reposado and añejo-infused goodies.

Their rosé gummies were their biggest hit yet with a 12,000-person waitlist to get their hands on the delicious treats. Just last month their Green-Juice Gummy Bear cleanse collab with Pressed Juicery was a sellout, too.

Returning to the tequila gummies, one box is just $8.50 with their margarita gummies or their grapefruit-flavored Palomo gummies. And if you want to make your friends super jealous, the whole bundle is $28.

If you have a sweet tooth and are a sucker for tequila, don’t let these gummies sell out without getting your hands on a box.

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