Katy Perry’s One Love Manchester Dress Was A Touching Tribute To The Victims








To say that the One Love Manchester concert was touching and powerful would be an understatement. During the emotional tribute to the victims of the Manchester terror attacks, Ariana Grande was joined onstage by various other stars including Miley Cyrus, Pharell Williams, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Little Mix, The Black Eyed Peas and Niall Horan.

Katy Perry also performed at the event, singing a couple of crowd favorites, including “Part of Me” and “Roar,” but Perry honored the victims in more ways than just a few chart-toppers.

While it may have seemed as if Perry was just sporting a white mini-dress with a feather coat, her outfit was printed with photos of the victims from the Manchester attack.


A couple of days prior to the event, Perry tweeted that she was “humbled to be part of the event” and delivered a heartfelt message to the thousands of attendees thanking Grande for her strength.

“I am so honored and humbled to be here tonight to share and spread love,” Perry said during her set. “Love conquers fear, and love conquers hate, and this love that we choose will give you strength, and it’s our greatest power… I encourage you to choose love even when it’s difficult. Let no one take that away from you.”

Perry then asked the audience to touch the person next to them and say “I love you.”

“So now as you stand here, all of you here, and all of you watching from wherever you are, standing next to a stranger, or a family member, or a friend, or a loved one, let’s just do this little exercise of love,” she told the audience. “Just touch the next person, touch the person next to you. Make human contact. Tell them ‘I love you,’ look in their eyes, say ‘I love you.’ Do it. Everyone out there, everyone at home.”

Many were absolutely touched and even brought to tears from Perry’s small but powerful tribute.

Perry has been trending recently for her new look, especially her haircut, which she later explained to Ellen Degeneres. The blonde pixie cut was the consequence of a run-in with the dark side of bleach. Perry has been handling the new style pretty well. She told Degeneres that it’s a great way to draw attention to your face and allows her to make the most out of her new resemblance to Degeneres.

But now Perry is trending in the noblest of ways. By bringing thousands of people together and wearing the victims on her sleeve, she has made an unforgettable tribute to a devastating occurrence.

Millions of euros have been raised for the victims of the terror attack, but donations are still being accepted. Texting LOVE to 70507 will donate five euros to the “We Love Manchester” fund with costs, including the standard network rate, being given to the victims of the tragedy.

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