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11 Tweets That Show The Power Of The Breathtaking #OneLoveManchester Concert


Dave Hogan/Getty

If my articles have been slow today, it’s because I’ve been riveted by the #OneLoveManchester concert. It was stunning. Never in my life the past five months has my Twitter feed been filled with so much love, support, and multicolored heart emojis (and I follow some bitter people on Twitter, myself included.)

Ariana Grande stood strong in the face of incredible violence and fear. She sang with a high school choir (and 12-year-old soloist.) She collapsed into sobs more than once. Fans in the Manchester arena sang along to every word, to every song. More performers teared up than didn’t. Artists spoke about conquering fears, seeing the good in the world, and resilience in the face of terror. The concert closed out with Katy Perry and Niall Horan linking arms, with performers hugging one another, with concert-goers hugging one another.

The benefit concert felt so much more authentic, necessary even, than others have in the past. It was an uplifting and glowing reminder that it’s possible to stay hopeful, and that, to quote so many protest signs over the years, if we believe love always wins, maybe it will be so.

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