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Celebrities Are Sharing Messages Of Love In Response To The London Terror Attacks

Ariana Grande DNC Email Leak


Just a week after the horrific violence in Manchester, London found itself the victim of several attacks near London Bridge and Borough Market. The attacks last night (June 3) included a hit-and-run and several stabbings, BBC reports. At least seven are confirmed dead and 48 hospitalized; law enforcement has called them “terrorist incidents.”

Fortunately, police acted swiftly, killing three suspects with eight minutes of the initial emergency call.

Now celebrities, public figures, and world leaders are reaching out to offer their support and love to London after this terrible violence. President Donald Trump drew ire by criticizing the mayor of London and using the attack to make political claims about gun control, but we are not including his remarks here: we are only compiling love.

Ariana Grande is expected to go on with her Manchester benefit concert this evening in spite of the new terrorism, NBC reports. This courageous, selfless woman continues to leave us in awe.

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