People Are Supporting The Manchester Victims In A Super Permanent Way

Worker bees have long been a symbol for Manchester, giving hardworking citizens representation, the Guardian reports, and now the city is using that symbol to unite in the face of the fear and tragedy of the past week.

What started as an Instagram by tattoo artist Sam Barber, Allure reports, inviting people to pay £50 for a bee tattoo (all proceeds donated to families and victims of the attack) has become a small movement.

People everywhere are taking part in the Manchester Tattoo Appeal, as more and more tattoo artists are opening their salons to free bee tattoos to benefit the families hurt in the Manchester bombing.

It’s a bold and caring, if permanent, way to show solidarity. Since Tuesday, over 400 people have used the hashtag #manchestertattooappeal on Instagram to show off their new ink, and the numbers are rising.

Between the bee tattoos, #RoomforManchester (a movement to find rooms for concert-goers to stay in after the attack), and the viral bunny-ear image spreading online, the support following this attack has been beautiful to see.

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