These Acts Of Kindness After The Attack In Manchester Will Give You Hope

Monday evening at around 10:35 P.M. (5:35 P.M. EST) reports started flooding in about an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert happening in Manchester. 22 are confirmed to have been killed in the attack, and over 50 have been injured.

The Greater Manchester police shared this statement released on Twitter this morning:

Despite the shock that tragedies like this bring, the citizens of Manchester did not lose hope, but came together to do their part in aiding those who needed them after the attack. Many locals opened their doors to concert goers stranded in the Manchester area, many of whom were children and teenagers.

A woman named Paula Robinson immediately began putting up children who were alone at the concert at a nearby Holiday Inn so they had a safe place to be, and a place to stay if needed. She took to Facebook in the hopes of reaching their parents and Twitter helped spread her message.

Locals even began opening their homes to those in need.

Businesses began offering food and other services to concert attendees and the emergency personnel responding to the attack.

Citizens have been lining up to donate blood for helping those injured in the attack.

Taxi drivers have been offering free rides to get the victims of the explosion home safe.

It is said that in moments of great suffering the desire to protect kicks in, and Ariana Grande’s mother, Joan Grande, proved this. In the confusion following the explosion, she escorted a group of about 10 concert goers backstage with her. Grande and security guards waited with them until it was deemed safe to leave the arena. She was about to head backstage to see her daughter when the explosion happened.

Ariana Grande is reportedly unharmed after yesterday’s attack. Her representative told E! News that she is ok, and that “we are further investigating what happened.” A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for anyone who wishes to send aid to those affected by last night’s tragedy.

Attacks like this one are intended to intimidate and divide us, that much is true. It is heartwarming to see the citizens of Manchester stand against the fear and unite as one to support each other in these troubling times.

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