‘Wonder Woman’ Obliterates The Box Office In Its Opening Weekend







With a $100 million opening under its belt, Wonder Woman has become the first female superhero film to crush it at the box office in its debut weekend.

The comic book world’s most famous female superhero finally got her chance to show her might at the box office, and she did it flawlessly. Over the weekend, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s Wonder Woman debuted with $100.5 million in sales at the North American box office and an additional $122.5 million internationally, the top opening ever for a female director. Patty Jenkins can now boast the biggest-ever opening weekend for a film directed by a woman, Variety reports.

Wonder Woman‘s budget was $150 million (which it has aalready recouped and than some), making it the most expensive female-directed film ever.

The film, which features Gal Gadot in the lead role, becomes the 16th superhero title to launch to a $100 million or more domestic opening. It’s not a small feat, especially considering Wonder Woman isn’t a sequel like many of its predecessors. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wonder Woman‘s audience was a break from the norm for a tentpole superhero movie. 52% of the weekend’s audiences were women, whereas previous DC and Marvel films have raked in audiences made up of over 60% males. As the first solo movie for a female superhero since Jennifer Garner‘s Elektra in 2005, there was plenty of speculation as to whether Wonder Woman would sink or swim.

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In the end, it swam. Looks like women are the thing that superhero movies are missing. Let’s hope that there are many more.

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