Apple Has Officially Announced Its Latest Products

It seems like every week there is a new rumored iPhone or MacBook that leaks and that everyone wants to get their hands on immediately.

This week is a little different because Apple gave a keynote speech at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference so we now have a definitive list of everything new coming to Apple.

Check out this list of the newest products from Apple.


Apple HomePod

If you have an Amazon Alexa or know what it does, HomePod does not seem to be much different.

HomePod responds to voice commands using Siri but can also be set up as Home Assistance. Some of the example commands include “turn the front yard sprinklers on,” “close the shades in the hallway” and “cool the house to 67 degrees.”

While the HomePod can be very convenient for home assistance, Apple is marketing the HomePod as a speaker first, home assistance second.

They are prioritizing the speaker setting first by using sensing technology with the goal of giving the speakers a more spacious sound. Also, multiple HomePods can be linked together through out a house to make sure there is sound everywhere.

The HomePod comes in grey or white and will be shipping in December 2017 for $350.

New Macs

iMac Pro

One of Apple’s biggest reveals was the iMac Pro. The iMac Pro is similar to the previous Mac desktops but will be much more powerful. The newest line will have boosted computer power and graphics ability. They will also have USB Type-C ports, which is closer to what every other computer uses. These computers are for professionals who do a lot of video editing and need lots of horsepower on their computers.

The iMac Pros are going to begin retail at $5000 but that is for the low-end versions and will be available starting in December 2017.

For the regular MacBooks, the design is not going to change but there will be new Intel chips. Also, the Macbook Air is missing from the new line-up of computers, so maybe it is the end of an era?

iOS 11

iOS 11

With every new Apple update comes a new iPhone update. You know, the one where we all complain about it for months but then feel too embarrassed to admit that it was better all along?

iOS 11 will feature a built-in Venmo like feature, where you can transfer or accept money to and from other iPhone users.

Siri on iOS 11 will be able to translate things from different languages for you and will have a more human sounding voice.

Additionally, there will be an upgrade to the control panel, pictured above, which will utilize space better and add functionality.

iPad Pro

New iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro will be similar in design but will feature a regular version and a small version.

Apple also doubled the refresh rate on the iPad, which means that the motion on the screen will look closer.

The new iPad Pro is available now and sells at $649 for the 10.5-inch screen and $799 for the 12.9-inch screen.

Every year, Apple surprises us, and this is no exception!

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