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Justin Trudeau: 15 Sexiest Photos On The Internet


It seems like Justin Trudeau has been on a lot of people’s minds lately, but can you really blame them?

Not only is the extremely photogenic Canadian Prime Minister a huge advocate for environmental protection, supportive of the LGBTQ community and an active feminist, always standing up for women’s rights. On top of that, he’s super into nature and can often be found out and about on hikes, jogging excursions, or kayaking. (We bet that’s how he stays in such great shape.) Plus, he seems to have this magic power which allows him to randomly show up places at the funniest time, like when he photobombed those high school students taking prom photos or when he kayaked up to a family’s dock to talk to them about climate change. Yeah, he’s definitely a great guy.

So, if your week has been a little lackluster (maybe not so happy about that whole Paris Accord thing), here are 15 of the hottest photos of Justin Trudeau from Instagram. Remember, Canada really isn’t that far away.