Rihanna Hilariously Responds To Recent Body-Shaming









Rihanna is the queen of carefree. She does whatever she wants whenever she wants and has never been afraid of shutting anybody down. She’s not called BadGalRiRi for nothing.

So when fans noticed Rihanna had possibly gained a little weight (and rejoiced in response), it was basically assumed that Rihanna, as usual, was pretty much unfazed either way.

But after recent BS body-shaming by a Barstool Sports writer, including calling the Barbados-born singer “fat,” social media was angry… and eagerly awaiting Riri’s reply.

If there’s one thing Rihanna may be even more well-known for than her lack of f*cks to give, it’s her clapback skills.

Her fans had their own insults for the body-shamer, but her reply would be the ultimate revenge, and after a little bit of silence, Rihanna had subtly responded with the help of a meme.


The hilarious Instagram photo shows a heavier Gucci Mane and then another image of the rapper looking a little slimmer and references his weight loss. Consider it a comparison to the singer’s own weight, but also an underlying message: Gucci Mane is great and was great, no matter what, someone whose weight didn’t affect his career. Rihanna is the same way. She’s not going anywhere and she’s beautiful (and incredibly successful) no matter what.

Leave it to Rihanna to respond with a perfectly-chosen meme. It’s much more apathetic than a carefully calculated quote, but still speaks volumes, fitting her constantly carefree attitude.

It’s also clear that the comment didn’t bother Rihanna, as her style has stayed virtually the same and she hasn’t shied away from the spotlight.

She recently touched down in Miami to film the music video for her collab with DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller.


We love RiRi no matter what. To quote the woman herself, “People are gonna talk whether you’re doin’ bad or good.”

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