‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Predictions: Who Do We Think Will Be Hooking Up This Summer?

bachelor in paradise season 2 promo

The official cast of Bachelor in Paradise season 4 has been announced, which means the countdown to our summer guilty pleasure is on. The best part of the wait, of course, is predicting which of these hotties will be hooking up in Mexico.

Since last season ended with three engagements – Amanda and Josh, Grant and Lace, and Carly and Evan (although Cevan are the only ones who made it all year) – the new cast has a lot to live up to. Luckily, there’s plenty of potential for romantic connections…and that’s before we know who will fly down to Mexico to shake things up throughout the season.

Check out the matches we predict will find each other in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Full Cast

  • Raven Gates of The Bachelor season 21 (Nick)
  • Corinne Olympios of The Bachelor season 21 (Nick)
  • Amanda Stanton of The Bachelor season 20 (Ben) and Bachelor in Paradise season 3
  • Alexis Waters of The Bachelor season 21 (Nick)
  • Derek Peth of The Bachelor season 12 (JoJo)
  • DeMario Jackson of The Bachelorette season 13 (Rachel)
  • Lacey Mark of The Bachelor season 21 (Nick)
  • Kristina Schulman of The Bachelor season 21 (Nick)
  • Nick Benvenutti of The Bachelorette season 12 (JoJo)
  • Danielle Maltby of The Bachelor season 21 (Nick)
  • Taylor Nolan of The Bachelor season 21 (Nick)
  • Robby Hayes of The Bachelorette season 12 (JoJo)
  • Ben Zorn of The Bachelorette season 11 (Kaitlyn)
  • Jasmine Goode of The Bachelor season 21 (Nick)
  • Vinny Ventiera of The Bachelorette season 12 (JoJo) and Bachelor in Paradise season 3
  • Alex Woytkiw of The Bachelorette season 12 (JoJo)

Sorry about the wait, but Bachelor in Paradise airs August 8 on ABC.

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