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How Bachelor/Bachelorette Cast Members Make Money After The Show


If the phrase “there for the right reasons” was on a drinking game for any of the many episodes of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette there is no way that you wouldn’t be blacked out by the end of the night.

A lot of the show focuses around the idea that the men and women who come on this show are there to find true love. While some of the relationships have lasted –proving that some people went into the show open to actually finding love– the fact that you are going on a national television show to “find love” instead of signing up for E-Harmony or seeing what’s up on Tinder is a little too damning to ever believe that the cast members aren’t looking for some sort of fame.

A lot of times, the most popular cast members end up having to leave their original jobs to be on the show. This is because they are potentially going to be gone too long. In other cases, they are unable to return to their jobs because of how recognizable they are. Lauren Bushnell, winner of Ben Higgin’s season had to quit her job as an airline hostess because she was getting recognized too much and it was getting in the way of her doing her job.

With this new fame and lack of career, the former contestants seem to be doing pretty well for themselves.

So how exactly do cast members from The Bachlorette/The Bachelor make money and maintain fame after the show wraps?

Instagram Paid Posts

If you follow any celebrities on Instagram it is likely that you will see some posts on your feed promoting some product.  Companies like FitTea, Sugarbear Hair, FabFitFun, MVMT, Hello Fresh and many others pay good money for people with a certain social media following to promote their products.

The Bachlorette and The Bachelor cast is no different.

Bachelor cast members are considered “social influencers” on social media because they are not quite celebrities but tend to have a couple hundred thousand followers.

Bachelor cast members make between $1,500 to $7,000 per sponsored posts.

If they post once a week for a year, their salary would be $364,000 a year.

Dancing With the Stars

Because of the name recognition that some of the cast gets, they are given other opportunities to remain on TV.

This past season Bachelor veteran Nick Viall appeared on Dancing With the StarsHe followed in the footsteps of other Bachelor alums, Chris Soules, Sean Lowe and others.

Contestants on DWTS make a base salary of $125,000 and then receive bonuses for every week that they remain on the show.

Most memorable dance by a long shot!

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TV/Magazine Contributors

Along with actual TV show appearances, many Bachelor alum get gigs on red carpets, commentating on the current season or helping to promote new movies or TV shows.

Ashley Iaconetti, two time Bachelor in Paradise star, originally appearing on Chris Soules Bachelor season writes a weekly recap article for Cosmopolitan Magazine, appears weekly on Access Hollywood and Extra!.

Additionally, Jojo Fletcher and Becca Tilley (both from Ben Higgins’ season and serious BFF goals) have made appearances interviewing movie stars on red carpets.

Contributing for major news networks, and in Ashley I’s case, being a regular contributor must make you some serious bank.

Podcasts and Blogs

The first thing that Bachelor and Bachelorette alums tend to do after leaving the show is create a blog. Currently popular Bachelor alums Ashley Iaconetti, Becca Tilley, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Lauren Bushnell all run lifestyle/fashion blogs. They are able to monetize on these blogs by providing advertising on the blogs as well as featured sponsored posts. The blogs could make around the same amount per posts as Instagram sponsored posts do.

Missing this dreamy festival hair ✨// #BeccaTilleyBlog

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Additionally, three former cast members — Ashley Iaconetti, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Ben Higgins — currently have weekly podcasts. While of course the podcasts are free to download, they make money through advertising.

Televised Weddings

Cast members who lived out their entire romance on screen might as well get married on screen right? To date there have been five Bachelor/Bachelorette couples who have said “I do” on TV.

Trista and Ryan Sutter (Bachelorette season 1), Jason and Molly Mesnick (Bachelor season 13), Ashley and JP Rosenbaum (Bachelorette season 7), Sean and Catherine Lowe (Bachelor season 17) and Jane and Tanner Tolbert (Bachelor in Paradise season 2) have all gotten good money to film their wedding.

Trista and Ryan Sutter reportedly made $1 million for a three episode special in 2003 and Sean and Catherine Lowe made six figures for a one episode special in 2014.

Lowe admitted later “i’ll admit it: I did it for the money.”

Happy Valentine's Day, @tanner.tolbert. I love you so much, baby. 😘 #jannerforever

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For a group of people who all came together with the alleged intention of finding love, they all seem pretty successful and pretty single.

It is easy to tell that post Bachelor there are a lot of ways to make money off of your celebrity.

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