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Send These Memes To Your Group Message In Honor Of National Best Friend Day 2017


Not all of us have an enviable squad like Taylor Swift‘s or a group like Friends, but we have the people we were destined to meet in our college years and the ones we’ve known from the days of our awkward adolescence. This holiday is to celebrate the ones who’ve held our hair back on rough nights, who’ve patiently listened as we’ve vented about our bad days and the ones who are never letting us live down our most embarrassing moments. Our best friends deserve the world and it’s hard to think of how we’d function without them by our sides.

We can always count on them to unabashedly day drink with us and take turns snapping photos of Sunday brunch amidst stares. Though there have been a few (or maybe more than a few) fights, they always have a way of coming back to us. We might not say it enough, but they’re appreciated more than they know.

Through thick and thin, they’re the ones who understand us when our family doesn’t. Who else would help us navigate through life? To celebrate the day, remember to send your pals a text of how much you love them. Or if that’s too sappy for you, these memes would suffice, too.

Wanderess. Stamp collector. Writer. Has most likely already stalked you on Instagram and will show up if there’s cheese.