Summer Makeup 2017: Top 7 Cosmetic Essentials For A Perfect Beach Day

Looking pretty on the beach definitely, has its challenges. The blazing sun is neither your hair nor your skins best friend. These seven products are sure to take care of the struggles that come with a hot day in the sun and help you have the perfect beach day.

1. Waterproof Mascara

bad gal, mascara $19.00

Regardless of if you’re spending the day in the water or just basking in the sun, your mascara is bound to smudge. A water proof mascara is a true beach day essential. Bad Gal mascara exaggerates the length and volume of your lashes and luckily, they have a water proof edition. Buy it here!

2. BB Cream

bb cream, make-up $42.00

On beach days we tend to get hot which makes us sweat, foundation can clog your pores which is not ideal when they are already producing extra oil. BB cream is a perfect substitution to foundation because it is light weight and evens your skin tone. Many brands have their own BB cream, try out different ones to know what is best for you. Smashbox BB Water, is a light, long-lasting, smooth BB cream that is perfect for beach day. Buy it here!

3. Moisturizer with SPF

moisturizer, cosmetics $40.00

Daily moisturizing is important for healthy skin but even more-so before a day in the sun. Whether you are wearing make-up or not, moisturizer is a necessity. To protect your skin from the harsh UV-Rays, pick up a moisturizer with built in SPF. Murad’s oil-free balancing moisturizer is a great for hydrating the skin while protecting you from the sun. Buy it here!

4. Waterproof Eyeliner

eyeliner, make-up $23.00

If you can, drop the eyeliner for beach day but, if you can’t live without it, be sure to pick up a waterproof liner. Make Up Forever makes a water proof liner that works like a charm. Buy it here!

5. Aqua Seal

make-up, cosmetics $21.99

This product is beach season’s BFF. Make Up Forever’s Aqua Seal converts any of your make up to water-proof. This product can be used on powder formulas and pencils simply by adding a few drops. Buy it here!

6. Sea Salt Spray

sea salt spray, ulta $8.49

Texturizing sea salt spray is a must for beach day. Sea salt spray provides you with effortless beach waves that don’t require a curling iron. You can find a variety of sea salt sprays for affordable prices, Not Your Mother’s makes a perfect spray for texturizing waves. Buy it here!

7. Blotting Papers

blotting papers, sephora $10.00

The sun gets pretty hot on the beach making our skin extra oily. The last cosmetic essential you need for beach day is blotting papers. Sephora makes blotting papers for $10.00. They’re an easy effective way to remove any shininess from your face without taking off any product you may have on. Buy it here!

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