This Teen Built A Website Detailing How To Find An Abortion Clinic In Every State

Abortion laws vary wildly from state to state, and knowing how to and where to get an abortion can be a complex process for many women that a simple Google search does not always solve.

One high school student is working to combat that confusion. Maddy Rasmussen, 18, has developed a website as part of a school project that compiles information on abortion services for each state in one place.

The idea sparked during her time interning at Legal Voice, an organization that works to advocate for marginalized women, HelloGiggles reports. Rasmussen realized that the internet did not have any form of comprehensive database or list of abortion clinics throughout the United States, so she resolved to fill in that gap.

The site is called the Safe Place Project and it features an interactive map that helps users locate a clinic near them, lists restrictions by state, and provides critical information about barriers that abortion-seekers may face depending on where they live.

“I wanted my website to be free of bias and political jargon to make sure women would not be confused by language when searching for a clinic,” Rasmussen explained to Teen Vogue on her mission.

One reason Rasmussen wanted to create this service is to combat misinformation about and from Crisis Pregnancy Centers:

“More often than not, Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) will pop up on the listings and they can use language that can trick women into thinking that they offer abortion services,” she explained, “With more laws being enacted against clinics and clinics closing at a drastic rate, I think it’s very important to have a resource that is as up-to-date as possible.”

Transparency about abortion and reproductive health in imperative in the fight for equality, and we applaud this high school student for fighting to keep women informed.

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