5 Times Female Celebs Were Not Here For Sexist Interview Questions










There are plenty of things to envy about living the A-list life. There’s the money (duh), the houses, the cars and all of the major perks that go along with the famous lifestyle. It seems pretty much picture perfect. But if there’s one thing us normal people don’t have to experience in our everyday lives, it’s all of the incredibly annoying interview questions.

Celebs have to endure sitting and being asked the same questions over and over, which is already annoying. Sometimes these questions cross the line from mundane to downright degrading. Female stars are often forced to discuss much more minuscule aspects of their lives in comparison to their male costars. Who are you dating? What are you wearing? It’s all very benign, which can distract from the important work at heart.

These five fearless females didn’t just comply with the usual rhetoric. Check out the best interview shutdowns and fails from feminist stars.

1. When Rihanna made it clear that she didn’t need a man…


BadGalRiRi shut down a woman who assumed that she was looking for a man. Just because a woman is single doesn’t mean she’s looking for anyone.

2. When the legendary Eartha Kitt laughed about a man being a necessity…


Eartha Kitt LOLd in an interviewer’s face when asked if she’d consider compromising her ideals or lifestyle for a man. Is changing yourself for a man really worth it?

3. When Cher expressed her love of dessert…


Cher’s clever analogy for dessert and relationships is both hilarious and true. At the end, she says “I am a rich man,” and the mic basically drops.

4. When a young Jodie Foster didn’t give a damn…


When asked what kind of “fella” catches her eye, Foster couldn’t help but look into the camera, The Office-style.

5. When Ariana emphasized equality…


Ariana Grande is known for making it clear that she’s not here for any sexist talk and this clip proves that she’ll go to bat for her beliefs.

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