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10 Summer Dream Weddings That Will Have You Feeling Inspired


Weddings are fun and exciting, especially when they have a cool theme to go along with everything. Summer is right around the corner and it’s the most popular season for a wedding, but what should be the theme? There’s so much to choose from.

Even if you’re not planning a wedding, it can be really fun to imagine the ultimate party in your honor. What would you want? How big would your party be? The possibilities are endless and Pinterest is always there to help.

From beaches to gardens, these are some unique themes that’ll surely make you want to plan a wedding immediately even if you aren’t engaged.

1. This beach-side bash…

This is a popular theme during the summertime. The warm breeze, the soft sand beneath guests’ feet, the lovely scenery of the ocean in the background. It all makes for the perfect theme if you enjoy being by the seashore.

Check out more inspiring wedding beach pictures on Instagram.

2. This lit affair…

Light up the night sky with lanterns to culminate your wedding night. It’ll surely make your wedding memorable if you have every guest take part in the ceremony.

Check out more inspiring lantern pictures on Instagram.

3.  This tea party…

Try a tea party wedding if you want something both fun and elegant. Have a variety of teas to share for your guests. If someone doesn’t like tea… you know who to cross off the guest list.

Check out more inspiring tea party wedding pictures on Instagram.

4. This adventurous “I do.”

Be adventurous and go on a hot air balloon during your wedding. If you’re scared of heights, you can watch hot air balloons fly off from down below and it’ll be just as exciting.

Check out more inspiring hot air balloon wedding pictures on Instagram.

5. This sparkling ceremony…

This doesn’t exactly have to be the theme, but having fireworks in your wedding would be a blast!

Check out more inspiring fireworks wedding pictures on Instagram.

6. This blooming union…

Having a wedding in a garden would be charming and will make you feel like you’re in a fairytale. Happily ever after!

Check out more inspiring garden wedding pictures on Instagram.

7. This dream come true…

Romance 💕 is alive and well in Disneyland! 📷 @jennawhiterabbit

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But if you really want to live in a fairytale, have your wedding at Disney so that you feel like a princess IRL.

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8. This candlelit affair…

Similar to the aforementioned lantern theme, but this one’s indoors so that you don’t want to deal with the summer heat. It’s also more elegant, especially if the reception’s in a fancy place like a mansion.

Check out more candle weddings on Instagram.

9. This pool party…

If you’re unable to bring your family and friends to the beach, bring them to the pool. You don’t have to worry about getting sand on your dress.

Check out more pool weddings on Instagram.

10. This traveling cruise…

Doesn't get much more romantic than a wedding on @disneycruiseline – 📷 @lorarodgers

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Wedding cruises are pretty much extended honeymoons, so get married on the ship and sail to a tropical island in bliss.

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