In Other News, Fireball Gummy Bears Now Exist

There’s just something so satisfying about alcoholic candy. It’s like you’re catering to your inner child and the badass adult you know you are now at the same time. That kind of satisfying duality is hard to come by. While so many crazy new concoctions have been popping up left and right, it’s still hard to beat the alcoholic gummy bear. Perfect for parties, it’s no wonder companies are jumping at their chance to introduce their own rendition of the boozy bears.

Last year,Β Sugarfina took the internet by storm with their rosΓ© gummies, which landed them with a waitlist exceeding 1,000 customers. This year it’s all about Fireball. So far there are two Easy shops that pretty much have a corner on that market, and they do their job pretty darn well according to customer reviews.


Irish Confectionary Co. has been making alcoholic gummy bears since 2016, and much like Sugarfina, they are already sold out of the spicy bears! If you’re a cinnamon fan, you’re definitely going to want to add this shop to your watch list.

However, if you just can’t wait,Β Vinegelee has you covered. Based in Denver, Colorado, you can snag some fiery candy for $9.95. The shop specializes in a wide array of boozy treats, from jellies to truffles and so much more.

Now you can always try making them at home, but why do all of that work when you can have them shipped over? Etsy strikes again!

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