Prepare To Be Flashed By This Nail Artist’s ‘Boob Manicure’

It’s no surprise to see crazy manicures by talented nail artists. From famous painting replicas to 3D floral manicures, anyone can put literally anything on their nails. With skill it takes and how time-consuming nail art can be, the results are almost always stunning.

However, this nail artist decided to think outside the box and come up with a unique idea for a manicure.

Behold, the “Boob Manicure.”

Yes, nail artist Mei Kawajiri, known on Instagram as Nails by Mei, has created a manicure that will be the talk for weeks. It may not be the most colorful and detailed nail art, but it definitely grabs attention in the greatest possible way.

The boob manicure features breasts and nipples of various skin types and sizes from darker toned to medium and light. Kawajiri has also included nipple rings to a few of the breasts on her nails for a more detailed and fun touch. And of course, the manicure instantly went viral with different reactions from people. Some people find it to be totally absurd and others already testing out their own boob manicure. I find the idea to be awesome to have little boobies on my nails.


Kawajiri mentioned that the process was fairly easy because most of her friends have nipple piercings. “Lots of my friends have nipple piercings,” she told Allure. “So I thought it [would be] fun and cool to do on the nail.” She also added how 3D nail art is her favorite to do and it’s not shocking from the talent she put into her nails.

If you want the deets on the look, she mentions how she used acrylic and gel polish to create the 3D breasts. Then she glued on the “studs” or piercings to a few of the breasts.

She has to film a tutorial on the look — who doesn’t want boobs on their nails? You can check out more nail art on Kawajiri’s Instagram.

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