Get Loud & Proud With Miley Cyrus’ Colorful Converse Collab

Miley Cyrus and Converse collaborated to create the perfect sneakers for Pride Month. The reformed hippie child recently performed at Washington D.C. Pride after also appearing at Ariana Grande‘s Manchester benefit concert.

Even though Cyrus wasn’t rocking the colorful sneakers during her Pride performance, she posted plenty of pictures of the shoes on Instagram.

The full Pride Collection consists of 22 sneakers varying in low and high tops and is only sold on as of right now. The collection ranges from $110 to $65, but the exclusive rainbow pattern and rainbow laces are totally worth it. The collection also includes infant and child-size shoes so that the whole family can be decked out to celebrate Pride. Each pair of shoes has an exclusive rainbow bottom.

The must-haves from the collection are the Pride Mesh High Tops, Rainbow Checkered Low Tops and the all white High Tops with Rainbow Laces. Each pair of shoes can be customized at an additional cost.

These maxed-out rainbow sneakers will be fun to wear after Pride Month because celebrating yourself is essential year-round.

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