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Prepare To Be Confused: Sasha Obama’s Real Name Isn’t Sasha

Sasha Obama

Getty Images

Ever since Barack Obama became the president in 2009, we’ve all doted over his beautiful wife Michelle and his equally beautiful daughters Sasha and Malia. However, turns out that they’ve all been keeping a secret from us (well, kinda) in regards to Sasha Obama.

Ready? Her name’s NOT actually Sasha! *the internet screams in unison*

Apparently, her real name is actually Natasha and Sasha (the name we were convinced was her real one) is simply a nickname. Even when you search Barack Obama’s Wikipedia page, her name is listed as “Natasha (Sasha)”.. wut?!

This news has pretty much exploded across the internet and people’s reactions were much like my own:

We see you Sasha… Or should we say Natasha?

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