Beyonce Might Be In Labor & The Internet Is Freaking Out

Social media users have been on high alert today because rumor has it, Beyonce has gone into labor.

Nothing has been confirmed about Beyonce’s whereabouts as Knowles and Jay Z do an amazing job of keeping their private life private, but it’s worth noting that people are buzzing over the belief that Beyonce has been admitted to the hospital and is giving birth to her twins.

Her wildly dedicated fans captured photos of a black SUV leaving the couple’s neighborhood and heading to a Los Angeles hospital and several sources told E! News that Queen B has been admitted most likely under a fake-name in order to prevent the media from tracking her down.

With the speculation that the singer is the hospital, paparazzi have swarmed a few of the areas she’s believed to be staying in. And with more paparazzi comes more security. Some sources even said that Beyonce has asked to have her hospital floor cleared in order to protect her privacy.

Beyonce’s hairstylist Chuck Amos posted a photo on Instagram this past Tuesday of him and Beyonce captioned, “Hang in there Mama!” rumored to be spreading love to the star while she gives birth.

Beyonce’s sister, Solange, doesn’t have any shows scheduled until June 23. It would make sense that Beyonce wants her sister by her side during such a life-changing moment. But on the flip side, Jay Z is still scheduled to attend the Songwriters Hall of Fame tomorrow and there’s no doubt that he wants to be alongside his wife while she gives birth to their babies.

It also would make sense that Beyonce is due any day now considering some sources confirmed that she was due at the end of May, meaning the babies are late, but there were other sources that believed she is not due until Independence Day, which would mean that the babies are early. There are early some conflicting thoughts on the real truth.

Rapper DJ Khaled was spreading the word on Tuesday evening that he had heard it was a “done deal,” but he has not been able to be reached to comment further. There was also a source from Jay Z’s 40/40 night club in the Flatiron District that the couple had welcomed a boy and a girl on Tuesday morning, but that accusation couldn’t be confirmed either.

Beyonce and Jay Z announced in February that they were expecting twins. “We would like to share of love and happiness,” Beyonce captioned a photo of her baby bump. “We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. -The Carters.”

The couple, who are already parents to their five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, have just celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary.

Social media users are freaking out, especially on Twitter and expressing their feelings about the possible delivery.

Again, nothing has been officially confirmed, so all we can do is give the stars the privacy they deserve and wait to hear the official news of two new little Beyonces being welcomed to this Earth.

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