This Girl’s Tweet About Her Childhood Hair Mix-Up Is Hilarious

We’ve all had some pretty funny hair disasters as kids. Maybe you grabbed a pair of kitchen scissors and went to town when your parents weren’t looking… Or maybe your parents were the root of the problem with their inexplicable affection for the classic bowl haircut. Whatever embarrassing style it may have been, it’s all pretty funny to look back on now.

That’s exactly what 17-year-old Hanna De Castro was doing when she found an old photo from her dance class days. In the picture, she noticed that she had a ponytail on one side and her usual hair down on the other… Then remembered her mom’s mix-up of the common half-up-half-down style.

Her tweet went viral and users couldn’t get over how laughably relatable the incident was.

Several Twitter users had their own versions of Hanna’s story.

Someone else recognized something very familiar about Hanna’s story, but it wasn’t the hair. David Gonzales pointed out that he went to preschool with Hanna, so let’s just consider Twitter the ultimate method of reunion.

Another Twitter user couldn’t help but point out that it all seemed meant to be.

And he was right.

David brought the receipts in reply.

This all seems like an amazing romantic comedy in the making, but if there’s one person who is remaining unfazed, it’s Hanna’s mom.


Let’s hope that Hanna and David will be able to hang out soon and see where things go. First date attire should include a half-up-half-down style. It’s clearly a memorable look. Thanks, mom!

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