Oprah Winfrey Hosted The ‘Wonder Woman’ Party Of Our Dreams







The Wonder Woman of television, Oprah Winfrey, hosted a super-heroine-themed party on Tuesday at her home in honor of this summer’s biggest movie.

In a series of Instagram videos, Winfrey gave her 9.6 million followers an inside look at this exclusive party, in which she hosted a group of 28 10-year-olds.

“So excited because it’s Wonder Woman day at my house!” Winfrey exclaimed in a video next to Tianna, an employee at Charm City Cakes, a Baltimore and Los Angeles-based bakery. The worker delivered a giant Wonder Woman-inspired cake to the former talk show host’s luxurious home. She captioned the video, “Party ovah here!”

Winfrey then volunteered to fasten the Wonder Woman piece to the top of the cake’s base. She told Tianna, “This is a crowning moment!”


The cake wasn’t enough for Winfrey as she also had Wonder Woman-themed popcorn buckets and flip-flops with Wonder Woman printed on them. She was also decked out in a crown and bracelets.


Winfrey later tweeted a photo of her dog, Sadie, who was “not feeling the wonderwomanness,” while also wearing a crown. Whether her dog was feeling it or not, Winfrey was definitely feeling like a child again.

Winfrey showed off a large food preparation area where guests were served hamburgers, hot dogs and salad.


The party even caught the attention of the Wonder Woman actress herself, Gal Gadot. She re-grammed one of Winfrey’s photos and captioned it, “This is awesome!”

The star’s latest Instagram posts have been nostalgic for another Wonder Woman fan, director and Winfrey’s good friend, Ava DuVernay. She has also walked her followers through her day in a similar fashion to Winfrey.

Since the Warner Bros’ movie debuted June 2, Wonder Woman has earned $444.8 million worldwide in ticket sales making it number one at the box office. Director Patty Jenkins even admitted to E! News that she had “no idea” just how popular the film would be. She said, “Wonder Woman is an amazing thing. I think a lot of people [would go see it], but the way the world has embraced it- seeing it multiple times and making it number one at the box office and sending the message that they have- I’m like touched and blown away.”

The official “Wonder Woman Day” was June 3, which was also the opening weekend of the movie. DC Comics celebrated the character’s 75th birthday with events in over 2000 comic book stores around the world.

The film has such a massive impact on pop culture, especially to how the movie speaks to young people. The importance of a superhero movie starring a woman and directed by a woman was highlighted by Winfrey’s party. The impact has already been witnessed in everyday life giving children a new idol, especially girls with a major female superhero to root for. The world of comics and superheroes is dominated by men, so it’s refreshing to see some more female representation on screen.

And with an inspiring media icon such as Winfrey embracing the new female lead, there’s no doubt the public will see more superheroines in the future.

Way to go, Oprah!

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