These Are The Funniest Tweets About Beyoncé Possibly, MAYBE Being In Labor

When Beyoncé announced her pregnancy with the most iconic pregnancy Instagram photo to date, the Internet lost it. Not only was the Beyhive, Beyoncé’s army of devoted fans, freaking out, the whole entire world imploded. It became the most-liked photo on Instagram.

Not only is Beyoncé pregnant, but she is having twins. Double the joy AND double the insane reactions. Fans figured out that the twins will most likely be Geminis. Since Gemini season is here, everyone has been waiting for any sign of the two new Carter babies.

Yesterday, when The Shade Room reported that Queen Bey was allegedly in labor, Twitter did what Twitter does best and freaked the hell out. The reactions to Blue’s younger siblings coming into the world has brought out the best in Twitter hilarious antics.

All of the signs are there, black SUVs left Jay Z and Beyoncé’s neighborhood and went to an L.A. hospital. She has allegedly checked in at the hospital under an alias and security has been ramped up at the hospital. It all seems to fit, unless this is a very elaborate decoy (if so, bravo Bey). Twitter doesn’t think it’s a decoy and they are ready to see an Instagram of the two new Carter twins.

Congratulations Beyoncé!!!! Maybe? Possibly? Welcome the twins!

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