Currently Swooning Over Joe Biden Kissing A College Graduate On The Cheek

One lucky lady got a kiss from former Vice President Joe Biden and it wasn’t his wife, Jill. The beloved Biden gave the commencement speech at Baltimore’s Morgan State University. I bet Mr. Biden met a ton of recent college graduate’s but one fortunate grad snagged a photo and a kiss on the cheek from him. The graduate, whose Instagram handle is @beautyyallure_, shared the video for all of the less fortunate to see.

At first, I think Biden thought the video was actually a selfie, but once the former VP realized she was recording, he seized his opportunity and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Rightfully so, the girl freaked out! How could Joe Biden kiss anyone on the cheek and not leave them shook? Her mouth falls open and she shrieked. This video may be more important than her degree, just kidding… kind of.

The former VP is known to be a pretty chill guy. While visiting George Mason University, he signed some girl’s blow-up picture of “Hot” Joe Biden. Biden is continually made into memes which are usually about pranking the former President Obama. The memes are truly wholesome and funny, just like Joe himself.

Let’s just hope this kiss wasn’t a one-time thing and Joe makes it his mission to give every American a kiss on the cheek. I call dibs for the next spot.

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