This Baby’s Reaction To Her Aunt’s EEG Is Priceless

Sometimes people can be a little hard to read. Other times they wear what they’re thinking all over their face.

The latter was definitely the case with Twitter user @Jordyyyy (hereby referred to as Jo) and her adorable baby niece in a Tweet that has gone viral over the past few days.

When Jo had to wear an EEG at home for several days, her baby niece just couldn’t help but stare. For those of you who don’t know, an EEG is a device that detects electrical activity in the brain through electrodes attached to the head. Needless to say, the process does look rather odd from the outside, especially to a small child.

The internet absolutely lost its mind over Jo’s niece’s adorable reactions! It seems like she literally couldn’t take her eyes away from the strange thing on her aunt’s head. Twitter users couldn’t help but add their own stories to the adorable baby’s expression.

Of course, that wasn’t the only thing that caught the internet’s attention. Many wondered how Jo managed to still look good with a bunch of wires and bandages on her head (it really is a mystery.) Many commented and showed their support, while others stood in solidarity by sharing photos from their own EEGs.

Children really are priceless, aren’t they? Plus, they’re super honest (maybe even too honest at times). Regardless, Jo appears to be doing well and her niece just keeps on being adorable.

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