This Guy Picking Up Girls In Clubs With Business Cards Is Beyond Extra

We get it, meeting people in 2017 isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. However, one man in Oakland, California takes the cake for going above and beyond with his efforts to pick up ladies at the club.

It all started when Marissa, a 21-year old student and designer from California, brought a strange experience she had at a local club to the internet’s attention. She told BuzzFeed that while she was dancing with her friends, a guy slipped a business card into her hand and told her to text him. Her initial instinct was to throw it away, but she held onto it because she “knew it was going to more than likely be hilarious.” She was not wrong.

Upon further expedition, the mystery man had slipped her a double sided business card with literally all of his contact information on it. This guy gets an A for effort.

“The card is so next level, I gotta admit the man is truly revolutionary, he’s from the future,” she said. The internet agrees.

The man in question is DeMonté Lane, a 28-year-old rapper who goes by Fantastical Carpé when he performs. He also produces his own beats and is known to perform regularly in the Oakland area. Originally he made the cards for his music career but occasionally uses them to try his hand with the opposite sex. He has actually gotten a handful of responses by using this method.

“I don’t ever really expect anything from it, but you never know,” he said. “Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time for small talk but you have just enough time to say, ‘Hey, I’m Carpé. I’m really diggin’ you, but I’m late for work. What was your name? Here is my card. Hit me if you’re interested.'”

And it just keeps getting better from there. Once he saw that Marissa’s Tweet was going viral, he attempted to try one more time with her, although she wasn’t interested.

Lane’s social media has been blowing up in the wake of the viral tweet, as well as his email and phone since they were not blurred out in the posted images. He doesn’t seem to be too bothered by this and treats every experience as an opportunity to make a new fan.

“I’m doing my best to answer every call whether they hang up in my face or chat for a minute,” he said. “I’m answering every DM personally with links to my music. Every reply is a potential fan or few.”

That’s a great attitude to have. Keep shooting your shot.

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