9 Of The Best Tweets On THAT ‘The Floor Is’ Meme

There is now a meme that has surpassed “covfefe” in absurdity and popularity.┬áThe “floor is” meme is sweeping the Internet, gaining momentum this month in a way it never has before. Beginning images played off the childhood “floor is lava” game, with images of people clinging to the walls and ceilings to avoid the lava, which in the meme is anything from responsibilities to pineapple on pizza to paying rent.

Then, as the meme evolved, people began to post images of people clutching the floor, or even underground, subverting the joke to encompass things people want the most.

Here are just a few of Twitter’s best efforts, from celebrities and common-folk alike that will make you choke on your afternoon coffee — or at the very least, nod in agreement.



The floor is getting off Twitter and being productive this afternoon.

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