In Honor Of North West’s Birthday, Here Are Her Best Style Moments

One of our favorite little kids from the Kardashian Empire is four today. Happy Birthday North West!

If you are a diehard Kardashian fan like me, it is hard to believe that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘sĀ little girl is already four. They grow up so fast! What is also hard to believe is that 99% of the time, North West is dressed better than I could ever imagine dressing. In honor of Ms.West’s fourth birthday, here are her four best looks:

1. The leotard, tutu & Balmain blazer.

E! Online Daily Mail

North West has rocked a leotard and tutu with a Balmain jacket not once, but twice. Not only is Northie cool enough to even wear a Balmain jacket to ballet class, these blazers were custom-made for her by Balmain creative director and Kardashian family friend Olivier Rousteing. While her blazer is custom, it would retail for approximately $2,300.

2. The Supreme t-Shirt & unreleased Yeezy Boosts.

When your dad is Kanye West, it makes sense that you have connections. Here North is pictured wearing Yeezys that were not yet available in stores and a Supreme shirt with lace shorts peeking out. The baby Yeezys retail anywhere from $200-$400 even though I’m sure Kanye West was happy to give her the family discount in exchange for the free publicity. It definitely worked because North West makes me want to run out and get a pair of Yeezys ASAP.

3. All of the classic ’90s vibes.

Harper’s Bazaar

Our girl knows how to do casual-chic, that’s for sure. North West was spotted in NYC wearing a velvet slip dress (with the matching choker, of course), white Keds and of course, her $2,000 Fendi bag.

I hate to say it but I’ve found myself in Forever 21 frequently looking for this same look and without a doubt, Nori pulls it off better than me.

4. This luxuriously comfy, casual look.


When it gets a little chilly outside, North doesn’t opt for casual sweats and hoodies like the rest of us are inclined to do. Instead, she stays comfy in jeans, a pink hoodie and white Converse, but makes it look 100 times cooler than us by adding a $3,500 fur coat and a trendy pink dad-style hat. North, you are officially too cool for this world.

Most of us ask our moms to hide the pictures of us as toddlers far, far away in the back of the closet because the cheesy outfits are way too much to bear. We’re confident that North West will be proudly showing her children how cool she was back in the day.

Happy Birthday baby girl, keep rocking it! We’ll be trying to keep up.

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