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Jay Z’s Twitter Has Entered Peak Dad Territory


Jay Z and Beyonce are notoriously private. Amidst rumors of the birth of their twins and a lack of social media presence (Bey sticks to Instagram photos while Jay rarely posts on any outlets), their fame has only continued to grow, along with their acclaim.

Last night, Jay Z was inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, an award that he totally deserves as a long-time rapper, producer and mogul who is responsible for influencing a generation of new rappers and completely changing the game.

Jay was obviously grateful for the award and his gratitude was clear as he made an appearance on an unlikely medium: Twitter.

After refraining from using the service (on which he follows NOBODY) for over a year, the rapper went on a tweet spree that had other users a little confused but mostly endeared to him.

Jay thanked some of his favorite rappers and did it in only the way a dad using Twitter could.

Yes, he needed help with the reply feature.

Anyone having parent PTSD? “How do I turn it on?” your mom or dad asks as you explain it for the 100000th time.

He figured it out in due time.

He eventually got frustrated (typical dad!!!) and threatened to delete the app entirely.

He also made sure to elaborate on his current state of mind. Not drunk, just kinda typing like someone who hasn’t texted in years.

Now a casual Dropbox link to a video of Barack Obama congratulating him? Relatable!

Just in case you don’t want to watch that on Dropbox (#millennialproblems), here’s the video of the former president.

Amazing. Back to Jay.

Finally, he ended with this LOL-worthy moment.

Mac Miller retweeted it, as he very well should.

All in all, it was incredibly sweet of the most famous rapper ever to shout-out all of these people and be so humble in his thank yous. It was a very human moment for otherwise untouchable figure in pop culture.

Twitter obviously went all the way off in the wake of this Twitter spree. There were many memes, just as there were many thanks. All of them were hilarious.

And of course, there was a little bit of drama.

You keep doing you, Jay. Maybe hit Twitter a little more.

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