Lena Dunham Bares All In Heartfelt Body Positive Instagram Photo









Lena Dunham is not shy about showing off her birthday suit. The former Girls star and creator took to Instagram to share a snapshot of her nude body with two little pear emojis over her nipples and one honey pot emoji over her vag.

Seeing Dunham naked is really not a big deal to her fans. If you watched Girls it was pretty much the standard to see Dunham walking around in the nude. But with this Instagram post, she wrote a heartfelt caption about how she has become more body positive than before.

She starts off the caption by crediting user @eatingboys with inspiring her “because of the way she mixes her humor and sexuality.” @eatingboys’ Instagram page isn’t for the faint heart or for offices, it’s super NSFW so just be prepared because there’s a lot of nudity and sexual references. Dunham goes on to talk about how she spent “so many years loving my body but thinking it wasn’t lovable by others,” which is so relatable it almost feels like this is a personal attack.


Dunham continues her lengthy caption by talking about how she used humor to guard herself against critics commenting on her body because if she “performed the insult so no one else could.” But now the 31-year-old writer has realized that her past behavior couldn’t be deemed totally body positive and now she’s changing.


She ends her post with “Love it all.” If only Girls had one more season, we could see a truly body-positive Dunham play Hannah Horvath. Nonetheless, this post is a great message for her fans and is definitely relatable.

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