Amazon Is Providing A ‘Try Before You Buy’ Wardrobe Service For Prime Members

I love shopping online. What can I say? I don’t have to leave the comfort of my own home. At most, I just have to pick up my purchases at the front door. But when it comes to buying clothes, shopping online becomes a nightmare. Either you get the wrong size or the quality is horrible. Needless to say, shopping online is tough. Lucky for us, Amazon has a solution.

Amazon is testing a new service for Prime members called Prime Wardrobe. Shoppers will be allowed to try on eligible products and styles before purchasing without additional charge. Customers will have seven days to try on their product and decide if they want to keep, resize, or return it. Shipments will arrive in an easily resealable box with a pre-paid label for returns.


Amazon already revealed some brands eligible for Prime Wardrobe, including Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Theory and Levi’s. It’s likely that other brand labels will come from large scale department stores.

Shopaholics might be celebrating now, but department stores are becoming increasingly concerned with weak sales. Now that technology brings us our needs at the touch of a button, shopping in the physical store is more for sport than necessity. Amazon also poses a threat to other online businesses that gain a large amount of profit from clothing subscription services.

Using Prime Wardrobe is surprisingly simple. Shoppers simply pick three or more items, which have a seven-day trial period once they arrive¬†at your shipping address. If you don’t want to keep all of your items, then customers just need to pack them back in the box and drop it off at a UPS location. Don’t have time for that? Amazon will also let you schedule a free pick-up.

Customers will also receive a 10% off discount if they keep three or four items. Not enough for you? Shoppers can get a 20% off discount if they keep five items or more.

I’m just going to kiss my paycheck goodbye now. Happy shopping!

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