‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 4 Will Resume Filming










Well kids, this one has been a bit of a roller coaster ride.

Warner Brothers has officially ended their investigation into the alleged sexual assault of Corinne Olympios by DeMario Jackson and Bachelor in Paradise will resume filming.

The thing with filming a reality show is that cameras are rolling at all times, so the alleged incident was caught on camera.

The executives at Warner Brother Studios released a statement that they saw the tape and officially ended the investigation. This comes after claims that Olympios was very much engaged and lucid throughout the entire sexual encounter.

An initial report came out that Bachelor in Paradise‘s filming had halted because of an “incident” onset and allegations by a member of the crew. In the following days, there were many reports that confirmed the incident had occurred between Olympios and Jackson but then there were many mixed and conflicting messages in the press. Olympios released a statement saying that her worst nightmare came true the night of June 4 as she was allegedly too intoxicated to consent.

Jackson alleged that his character had been “assassinated” and he had lost his job in light of the scandal.

Both parties hired lawyers immediately following.

There were many mixed reports from witnesses and fellow stars of the show.

A contestant from Nick Viall’s season, Jasmine Goode,  said that she saw Olympios that night and she was perfectly fine, even claiming Olympios was forcing herself on three different guys. Not only that, she mentioned that Olympios was evidently lucid because she was yelling hi to different people from the pool and calling them out by name.

Other anonymous staff members said that Olympios had had champagne, multiple margaritas and a number of tequila shots and that she absolutely was not capable of consenting.

As for Olympios and Jackson’s future on the show? Nothing has been decided yet but there is a chance that they could be going back.

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