Rejoice, There Are Finally Pajamas For Those With Big Boobs

Finding cute pajamas while having big boobs is nearly impossible. If you’re not wearing a top that has a high neckline, the chances of you waking up with a lost soldier (aka a boob that’s fallen outside your shirt, get with it!) is the likely outcome. Wearing a tank top to bed is out of the question. The struggle is seriously real.

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Finally, there is a cute new line of pajamas for ladies with large breasts. Boost creates cute sleepwear that has support and coverage for bigger breasts. Sandra Mimran Smith, who designs Boost lingerie and sleepwear, started a Kickstarter with a goal of $3000,000 to start production of her innovative new styles.

Hello Giggles reported that the line will range from 30C to 36G. The line offers three sleepwear options: a shorts sleepwear, a nightie and a tank top. Each has soft cups with minimal support, adjustable straps and higher armholes to prevent spillage.

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The only problem is that Smith is currently focused on creating clothes for women like her, so the line mainly caters to women with small frames and large chests. Even though the range of sizes is large and inclusive, the clothing sizes range from XS to XL. Hopefully once Boost grows they will expand their clothing sizes to be just as inclusive as their bra sizes. Then everyone with large breasts can have a glorious boob-covered slumber.

You can place orders for sleepwear right now, but it won’t be delivered until August. The products are all over $100, but definitely seem worth it for the bedtime comfort and support.

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