You Can Now Wear Fidget Spinner Corsages To Prom

We’re all familiar with fidget spinners at this point, right? I mean they’re practically everywhere now.

For those of you who don’t know, fidget spinners were originally designed to help children increase their focus by giving them something simple to “fidget” with, hence the name. However, the internet had other plans.

Tricks, memes and snazzy nail art all popped up around this thing that came out of nowhere. Seriously, it feels like they literally just showed up one day and the world lost its mind. And let me tell you, the fidget spinner hasn’t even reached it’s final form yet…

While vlogger Elle Mills was subtly attempting to crash a prom with PJs and a bag of Doritos, the corsage of one of the ladies Mills photobombed really stole the show.

Why yes, that is a fidget spinner on her wrist, and don’t think the internet didn’t notice.

This may even one-up the infamous fried chicken corsage, which is also a thing that actually happened.

Where will the fidget spinner go next? What will its next form be? We’ve already had nail art, cookies, accessories and makeup hacks. Granted, at this point it seems like anything is possible for the fidget spinner.

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