This Surprising iPhone Feature May Be Tracking Your Location At All Times

Technology is both the best and the worst. We make progress every day in new technological developments, creating things that were once unfathomable, but with that comes a lot of risks. There are so many things on the web and reports about our technology that we don’t fully understand and might not ever truly understand. Thus, ensuring your security and privacy is key. Covering up your webcam and setting up top-notch privacy settings on your Facebook profile isn’t always enough.

You might not have realized this before, but every single location you’ve ever been to is stored on your phone. This includes the addresses and the frequency with which you visit. Creeped out yet?


The culprit is the feature in your privacy settings called, ‘Frequent Locations,’ which has actually been around for a while, but probably never caught your attention. The system works to pinpoint every place you go and records your arrival and departure times in order to help the Maps app.

Instagram used to have a similar feature, in which every photo you took and posted would be logged into your photo map, down to the exact location. Not everyone was careful with it and the feature was terminated in late 2016.

If you have a strong passcode lock and fingerprint recognition on your phone, you’re in a good spot. But, consequences could be dire if your phone ends up in the wrong hands.

How to Disable Frequent Locations on iPhone

1. Go to ‘Settings’
2. Click on ‘Privacy’
3. Click on ‘Location Services’
4. Scroll all the way down to ‘System Services’
5. Scroll more and click on ‘Frequent Locations’
6. Select ‘Clear History’
7. Swipe left quicker than a Tinder creep on the ‘Frequent Locations’ tab

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