You’ll Never Believe What This Beauty Vlogger Does With Food

Picture this: You’re traveling and your makeup bag doesn’t show up with the rest of your luggage at baggage claim. Or even worse, what if you completely left your makeup at home? Maybe you have a last minute event to go to but you’re stuck at the office. Total nightmare scenarios.

Well, one vlogger named Ms. Yeah has created an interesting and innovative solution to all of those problems.

Ms. Yeah is a Chinese beauty vlogger who has proven that food is not only edible, but it is also blendable. She uses common food items you can find around your house, including marshmallows for beauty blenders, tomato sauce for lip color and cocoa powder for contour. She also uses some items that aren’t so conventional, like snippets of her coworker’s hair for false eyelashes, a pen for eyeliner and Oreos for earrings.

While it’s not recommended to use pens for eyeliner because of the possibility of lead poisoning, the rest of the look is surprisingly flawless. If you’re ever in a makeup-less panic when you’re traveling, don’t worry, just get a little creative in the kitchen.

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