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Beauty Bloggers Are Turning Themselves Into Ice Cream Cones & We Have Questions


If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 1000 times: makeup artists are insanely talented. Their super creative looks are inspired by so many things, like film actors, nature, even food. Makeup artists have gone from floral looks to the mythical mermaid, and now they’re turning into ice cream.

Yes, it sounds abnormal, but people have attempted and beautifully succeeded in making ice cream drip and melt all over their face just by using makeup. Each and every day, the power of makeup baffles all of us from what it can do.

Bloggers and makeup artists such as Desi Perkins have been keeping up with the trendy makeup designs and looks when she posted an ice cream makeup tutorial on her YouTube account last Halloween. And now, other makeup gurus are getting their own taste of the ice cream makeup look and making it the trend of summer 2k17.

Some of these artists also include accessories like waffle cones, sprinkles and chocolate syrup to make their looks unique and precise.

Does getting an ice cream mustache while indulging on a cone count as ice cream lipstick? It sure does now.

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