Mom Drops Daughter Off At College & Follows Up With Selfies Featuring Shirtless Football Players

It’s normal to have a lot of concerns and worries going into your freshman year of college. Most freshmen are worried about making friends, getting along with their roommates and of course, not flunking out. But one Texas State freshman named Avery Leilani had other concerns when her mom dropped her off for her freshmen orientation at college. Not too long after Avery settled in, her mom sent her some hilarious texts.

My mom dropped me off today for College freshman orientation and she sends me this… #TXST21

— Avery Leilani (@Avery_Leilani) June 20, 2017

Damn, mama! Those guys are seriously…. *heart eyes*

In between photos, her mom made sure to tell her, “Don’t wait up!” Mom, she’s not waiting up. She’s going to try to catch up. Her daughter was still shook a day later about the photos.

I have so many questions. How in the world did she end up on the football field and can she teach me her ways? She should be teaching her own college course in flirting. My reactions to Avery’s tweet aren’t too far off from the rest of Twitter’s.

The lady is livin the DREAM

— Megan Hinson (@Megs_hinson) June 20, 2017

Your mom is a legend lol

— Sam (@shamsul1738) June 20, 2017

It’s obvious that the guys in the photo are extremely hot and the thirst has been real on Twitter. Her mentions have been filled with questions asking what their handles are. One Twitter user got it done and straight up mentioned their handles in a response tweet.

Just when you were thinking this incident was a coincidence, another Twitter user tweeted her own photo of her mom with the Texas State football players.

our moms should be friends 😂

— bg (@brittganung) June 20, 2017

What is going on at Texas State?! These moms have talked to more hot guys in one day than I have in months. Hopefully, these moms did the right thing and gave their daughters some numbers. These moms should know by now that sharing is caring. And if they don’t, that’s what college is for: learning.

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